My Therapeutic Practise

* I organise several different teachings (groups, medical world, compagnies) :

     @ active meditations :

          a way to quiten your mind,through reconnecting with your body and

                       feeling inner peace.

     @ The 5 wounds of the human personality (W. Reich):

          being aware about how we function as a human being is a first step to

                       change !

     @ how to align your conscious and your subconscious mind :

          positive thinking alone is not enough when something blocks in our

                       subconscious mind

     @ from survival to LIVING :

          how to become the responsable creator of your life,

                       unlocking the fire within !

* I'm working in the team of EDLPT (Thierry Janssen) to offer to clinics projects that focuses on the wellbeing of the healthcare-workers and reintroduce the passion in their Sacred Mission 

* I'm working together with Thierry Janssen

                        in his School of Therapeutic Presence :

* I guide people on the way back to the Essence, to heal their wounds due to conditioning during childhood. The goal is to reconnect with the Essence, to reconnect with their inner Force and to discover their Uniqueness.

* I guide Osho dynamic Meditations and silent Meditations 

* languages : english , french, dutch

Heart on Healing

a new approach for the actual society



Tel : +32 (0)477 70 00 69

Adresse : Hinnestraat 10, 8550 Zwevegem